Anthony Walter

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Mixing music and design

Mixing music and design   One of the best things you’ll find in a creative agency is the people. Many writers, artists, designers, and marketers choose to work in agencies because of the variety and freedom there can be with projects. We think this is very true for our own agency and enjoy how creativity…

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2014 B2b titled notebook paper

Ringing in 2014: B2B Marketing Resolutions

Ringing in 2014: B2B Marketing Resolutions When we sat down to write our New Year’s Resolutions as a company, too many ideas came up for one list. So we decided to split it in two, focusing on our own company resolutions in part 1. In this latest edition, we provide tips for you in 2014…

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Ringing in 2014: An Agency’s New Year’s Resolutions

Ringing in 2014: An Agency’s New Year’s Resolutions   2013 was a great year for us; we (finally) finished our new website, launched our blog, switched our video conferencing system, pinned our first pin on Pinterest, launched our LCC Behind the Scenes campaign on Facebook, and all while working on some truly great projects with you!…

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Trendy Typography: Graphic Design Trends

Trendy Typography: Graphic Design Trends   The second topic in our Design Trends series is Typography. Typography is the art of designing and arranging type. Although it has been around since the invention of the printing press in the 15th century, these days most of us immediately think of it in terms of fonts or typefaces. There are literally millions of fonts…

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2013 Memories name tag

Looking back on 2013

Looking back on 2013   Every year, we are privileged to support several non-profit organizations in our community. Some of our favorite work is for their events and fundraisers. We love sponsoring their efforts and attending these events when possible. As we look back on 2013, here is a look at some of our favorite…

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Vote for the 2013 LCC Holiday CD cover!

Vote for the 2013 LCC Holiday CD cover!   Every year, Lightsource creates a holiday CD to share with you! We mix a great playlist and custom design the CD. You won’t find this CD anywhere else. This year we’re bringing back the chance for you to pick the theme. We’ve chosen four finalists for…

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Illuminating Illustration: Graphic Design Trends

Illuminating Illustration: Graphic Design Trends Welcome to the inaugural issue of our new blog series, Design Trends. For our first issue, we have decided to focus on something near and dear to our design hearts—illustration. Illustration has been around since cavemen first drew on walls, but it really became popular in the early 20th century…

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Green Printing with a leaf against purple background

How to “green” your next print project

How to “green” your next print project “Going green” is more than just a buzz phrase these days. Today corporations are incorporating green practices into their policies, procedures, and even company cultures. The printing industry is a large part of marketing, but with the growing digital age, printing has received some scrutiny for not being…

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Is your website responsive?

Is your website responsive? How does your website look on different devices? Are you using a separate mobile site for your mobile users? Did you know that website usability has a large impact on your SEO?If you don’t know what experience your viewers are having, you should investigate. You might want to learn about “responsive…

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