LCC at Discover 2017 Madrid

Accelerate Digital Transformation



The Lightsource Creative Communications team flew out for Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Discover Madrid conference. HPE’s multi-day conference brought together executives, IT directors, IT managers, architects, engineers, and other IT industry professionals. With breakout sessions, demonstrations, and more, the event displayed hundreds of innovations, technologies, and forward-thinking ideas.

Our team managed the Presentation Check-In Room and helped review the multitude of presentations speakers had prepared. With the professional assistance of our extension team members, we handled the inflow of presenters and ensured the high quality of their slides.

We lent our camera to our extension team as they explored the Discover Transformation Zone. Here are some of our favorite photos from their adventure through the show floor. Enjoy!


Hands-on demos and interactive elements allow the Transformation Zone to come alive and reach customers on a deeper level.


The Transformation Zone lies at the crossroads of the best of today, and the amazing possibilities of tomorrow.

Sweet Mix

From traditional IT to hybrid clouds and more, the future of business IT is all about finding that sweet mix.

Sandbox Lab

Race car far

Race car close

With the Internet of Things, venues like sports stadiums and racetracks will handle data faster than the action fans came to watch.

NVIDIA booth

TZ demo

Money machine

Vendor booths, demos, and attractions like this money machine filled the Transformation Zone with insights and excitement.


The Discover Celebration introduced attendees to a taste of the music and culture of Madrid.

Celebration 2


As the week ended, so did Discover Madrid. It was a pleasure to support and be a part of the conference.