Our favorite Super Bowl commercials


If you were one of the 114.4 million people who watched the Super Bowl this year, you probably had some strong opinions on the play call at the end of the game and the commercials. Our team was no exception. With a satellite office in Seattle, Lightsource was rooting hard for the Seahawks. (We are going to throw, not run? What happened to BEAST mode? This is deflating!)

Excuse us, we digress. It’s time to move on to more important and less disappointing matters – the ads! Our staff has compiled our top 10 picks. Let us know if you agree and if we missed any that deserve discussion.

Chevrolet: Colorado Blackout

This ad tricked many of us into thinking our TVs went out, stopping conversations mid-sentence. Focused on football-crazed spectators who don’t want to miss a minute of the action, Chevy reaches out to its target audience well. We found it funny and relevant.

Toyota: How Great I Am

Muhammad Ali’s voiceover sets the stage as Amy Purdy snowboards, dances, and runs, excelling at them all, with two artificial legs. It inspires viewers to push the limits, while delivering this message: “Buy a car that can keep up.”

T-Mobile: Wi-Fi Calling

This commercial with Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman is simple, funny and to the point. It reminds us of Verizon’s "Can you hear me now?" campaign, but hipper and wittier with Silverman and Handler delivering lines such as, “Sounds great in my hydroponic kale garden." 

Clash of Clans: Revenge

This wasn’t really an attention grabber until Liam Neeson appeared on screen. Liam’s Taken-style, revenge-laden monologue juxtaposed with the animated game reminds us of a live-action meme. We will remember the mispronunciation of “Liam” and his response for a long time.

Always: Like A Girl

Many on our team had seen this campaign already, and we were really happy to see it get global exposure during the Super Bowl. The call to action wasn’t related to their product sales. The goal was to bring the #LikeAGirl conversation to life on social media, which was very successful. It sparked discussions among fans and critics alike and made it to the top of Adobe’s Ad Meter.

FIAT: The Blue Pill

We had no idea where this storyline was going; it was a gradual build to the punchline and the car reveal. Question to ponder: What happens to the car after a few hours?

Frito-Lay: Doritos Middle Seat

We can all relate to wanting that middle seat on a plane to stay empty. The twist at the end made us laugh. And hey, we love this guy for giving us some great tips for our upcoming business trip to Vegas next month.

BMW: Hello Future

They had us at the flashback footage from ’94 – a simpler time, long before tweets, email, smartphones, etc. The call to action is clear: Embrace the future because the present will seem very old, really soon.

Snickers: Satisfied 

Talking about throwbacks, we always enjoy these Snickers commercials and especially appreciate the link to a few Brady Bunch iconic moments. “An eye for an eye. That’s what Dad always says.” Classic.

Mercedes-Benz: Fable

The CGI graphics and plot twist on this classic tale got our attention and worked well for the family-friendly Super Bowl audience.

Now that we’ve told you our top 10 picks, we would love to hear from you. Also, what about the lack of utilizing Lynch, the best running back in the world, at the end of the game? Ok, we promise to drop it. Let’s go back and re-watch these commercials.

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