Since 1996

Lightsource Creative Communications is a full-service agency that specializes in business-to-business marketing for high-tech companies. We create high-impact marketing communications strategies and deliverables that help businesses and organizations captivate their target audiences worldwide.

Our core competencies—on-target messaging, creative design, and client understanding—set us apart from other agencies.


After purchasing and renovating a downtown bar, Lightsource set up headquarters at its current location in 2004.

The Philadelphia office opened in 2008.


Not only does Gordon head up our Messaging Department, he is also an author—writing articles, short stories, and even a novel.

LCC founder and member of the Project Management team, Lisa is also a true foodie.

In addition to being a member of the Project Management team, Colleen is also an avid runner.


Objective, Audience, Differentiation & Message
All effective marketing begins at the center, with a fundamental understanding of what objective needs to be achieved, with which particular audience, based on what key differentiations,
and by delivering what overall message.

Imagery & Words
Only after completely nailing and agreeing upon the innermost circle, we shift from what needs to be communicated to how, and that's where creativity really pays off. We rely on talented graphic designers, skilled wordsmiths and a whole team of conceptual thinkers to find the best way to get your message noticed and understood.

Media Mix
By this point in the process, we have our fundamentals down and have a brilliant creative execution comprised of words and images. Now, where best can limited marketing dollars be spent to reach the target audience and achieve the desired goal? In this day and age, there are so many options. Check out the lower portion of our Services page for the many ways we've delivered measurable results for our clients.

Management & Execution
Business is inherently impatient and stingy. Achieving any worthwhile marketing goal requires executing on time and within budget. Business is also notoriously unpredictable. For all of these needs, Lightsource Project Management is your go-to team for getting from start to finish, even when the route needs to change on the fly because of unforeseen circumstances.