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Why we love living and working in Colorado

Why we love living and working in Colorado Though we have staff members residing around the world, most of our team lives in Colorado. Colorado is a beautiful place to visit, and the population is expanding as more and more people choose to move here. People love Colorado for many reasons. Here’s why we love…

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Your brand—so much more than your logo

Your brand—so much more than your logo Many things comprise your brand, above all the associations people have with it: feelings, experiences, perspectives, and distinguishing characteristics. Let’s look at brand associations broadly. Recently, the State of Colorado was rebranded. As part of an extensive process, the brand COLORADO team spoke with residents statewide, exploring cities, industries and people,…

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LCC at Madrid

LCC at HPE Discover Madrid

Hewlett Packard Enterprise gathers partners, sponsors, and thousands of customers for their Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover events. The Lightsource team was fortunate to support the execution of HPE Discover Madrid. Held at the IFEMA, Feria de Madrid convention space in the heart of Spain’s capital, the event was filled with groundbreaking technology, inspiring speakers, and…

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Where dreams are launched

Where Dreams Are Launched How many times have you heard the phrase “you learn something new every day”? This was especially true for me when I attended my first Respite Care Perennial Lunch.My name is Katelin and I have been interning at Lightsource Creative Communications for four months, and over these last few months, I have…

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Reaching Millions with the US Women’s National Team

Reaching Millions with the US Women’s National Team France hosted the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the international football (read: soccer) championship where 24 national teams battled for victory. In the final match, the defending champions, the United States Women’s National Team, defeated the Netherlands. For the fourth time, the Americans won the title to…

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