For companies around the world, in-person or online events are opportunities to connect with customers, partners, and employees on a deeper level. From single-day meetups to week-long conferences, events promote networking, understanding, and collaboration between hosts and their attendees. However, getting from the planning stage to opening day takes a team with the skills, resources, and expertise to handle essential elements, like event identity, audience acquisition, registration, on-site coordination, pre- and post-event communications, and more.

The Lightsource Creative Communications team has over 27 years of experience developing and supporting events of all sizes for a variety of industries, from local non-profits to high-tech international organizations. Explore the clients we’ve served, browse our list of services, and contact us if you’re interested in our help for your next event.



Hewlett-Packard Realize the Future Tour: 2008-2010                  

HP Client Appreciation Superbowl: 2010-2011               

Agilent Environmental Compliance Exhibit: 2011                        

HP CIO Summit: 2012                           

HP Discover: 2012                                

Jive Software Customer Appreciation Tour: 2012                        

JiveWorld: 2012                       

CA Technologies CIO Circles: 2013-2015            

HP Global Partner Conference: 2013                             

HP Global Partner Conference: 2014                             

HP Senior Leaders Meeting: 2014                                  

HPE Discover: 2014-2019, 2022, 2023

Nimble Storage Expo: 2014                               

HP AMS Events Sales Leadership Kickoff: 2015                           

HP AMS Tradeshows: 2015                               

HP at Gartner ITExpo: 2015-2016                      

HP Global Partner Conference: 2015                             

HP World Tour: 2015                            

HPE State of Security Tour: 2015                       

HPE Roadshow: 2015                           

HPI CES: 2015                          

Splunk Customer Appreciation Tour: 2015                                 

HP Spectre Launch: 2016                                  

HPE Big Data: 2016                               

HPE CIO Summit: 2016-2019                 

HPE Global Partner Conference: 2016-2019                   

HPE Government Summit: 2016-2017               

HPE Protect: 2016                                

Tanium Sales: 2016                              

HPE Field Leadership Kickoff: 2017                                

HP AFTC: 2019                         

HP Client Appreciation NFL Tour: 2019                          

HP EDCUCAUSE: 2019                           

HP Platinum Summit: 2019                               

HP RTM : 2019                          

HP SLED Roadshow: 2019                                 

Aligned Automation ActivateNXT: 2022                         

Black Hat: 2022-2023               

HP Amplify: 2022                                 

HP Z Book Tour: 2022   


Australasian Laboratory Management Conference: 2018                        


HP Commercial Print: 2015                               

HP Discover 2015 London: 2015                        

HPE CIO Summit: 2015-2016                 

HPE Discover: 2015-2016                      

HP Channel Partner Conference: 2015                           

HP Ahead of the Curve Fall Showcase: 2016                               

HPE Field Leadership Kickoff: 2016                                


HP Software Universe: 2009                              


HP Software Universe: 2010                              

HP CIO Summit: 2014                           

HP Customer Advocacy: 2014                           

HP Discover: 2014                                

HP Field Leadership Kickoff: 2014                                  

HP at Mobile World Congress: 2015                              

HPE at Mobile World Congress: 2016-2019, 2022           

HPE CIO Summit: 2017-2018                 

HPE Discover: 2017-2018                      

HPE Discover: 2023      


Keysight Technologies WAVE: 2019-2020                       

HP Platinum Summit: 2020-2021                      

HPE at Mobile World Congress: 2020                            

HPE CIO Summit: 2020                         

HPE Discover: 2020-2021                      

HPE Partner Growth Summit: 2020-2020                                   

HP Elite: 2021                          

HP Platinum Summit: 2021                               

HPE Executive Forum: 2021                              

Keysight University Live: 2021                           

HP Vitality: 2022



Respite Care Holiday Ball: 1996-2019, 2021-2023                       

Poudre Valley Hospital Foundation: Bowling Ball: 1997-1999                  

Matthew Shepard Foundation Gala: 1998-2019, 2021-2023                   

Respite Care Perennial Lunch: 2008-2019, 2021-2023                

Food Bank: Shared Abundance: 2009                            

Pathways Hospice: Breakfast in the Park: 2010-2011                  

Pathways Hospice: A Vintage Affair: 2011-2014              

SAVA Soiree: 2015-2023


Respite Care Holiday Ball: 2020             

Matthew Shepard Foundation Gala: 2021                      

Respite Care Perennial Lunch: 2020



CTBUH Tour: 2017                                                        


Campuspeak Workshop: 2007                           

Harmony Club: Economic Forecast: 2008                                   

Covidien: Lisa Leslie Tour: 2009                         

I2SL Annual Conference and Technology Fair: 2019                                

CPP Wind Engineering: Data Center Webinar: 2020

More than email marketing, paid advertising, and social media, your most powerful business-generation tool is the in-person event. When your customers, prospects, or partners choose to attend, they enter your sales funnel—prescreened, and ready to hear your story.

If you seize this opportunity right, your attendees will hear a unified companywide message—from prepared and engaging speakers—backed by the best audiovisuals.

Lightsource can help you achieve these goals, whether your conference features dozens of speakers, or hundreds. Here’s how…

Our proven passprogram begins weeks before your event, when we provide speakers with messaging and style guidance. Draft presentations then enter an intuitive online portal where skilled copywriters and designers edit and enhance.

Improvements continue on-site, both before and during the event. There, speakers sit down one-on-one with the same professionals who’ve been enhancing their materials all along. The collaboration continues until the speaker feels fully equipped and confident. The right version of all files will arrive at the proper presentation location ahead of time, all thanks to our rigorous version-control and distribution system.

For over 27 years, we’ve helped Fortune 500 companies tell their stories with excellence. The passprogram provides presentation access, support, and services every step of the way.

Want to learn more? Here are the details:

Pre-event presentation services:

  • Lightsource will review and perform quality control for all presentations that will be used for both the physical and virtual events to ensure they conform to the organization’s brand (colors, fonts, line spacing, bullet formats, etc.).
  • Lightsource will create an event-specific PowerPoint template that includes an event/conference slide, an introductory/title slide, a thank-you slide, and a call-to-action and/or survey slide.
  • Lightsource will ensure that the slides are legible and will provide editing as needed to improve format and appearance.
  • Lightsource will manage presentation review on a CMS platform that can be accessed by all necessary parties.
  • Lightsource will provide reporting of presentation development and progress to the content lead.

Pre-event speaker communications:

  • Lightsource will create or review speaker communications, such as the FAQ, speaker guidelines, and essential information emails for both the virtual and physical events.
  • Lightsource will consult on-site logistic partners to ensure optimal speaker lounge room layout, flow, and required equipment.
  • Lightsource will edit all session and demo titles and descriptions as they appear in event promotions and on-site signage.

On-site services:

  • Lightsource will be set up and ready to meet with speakers two days prior to the event starting date.
  • The presentation review room will be resourced with 2 check-in operators, 4-8 graphic operators, and 2-3 distribution operators.
  • To eliminate version-control problems, LCC will provide a single centralized master PowerPoint file repository on-site.
  • When presenters come to meet with Lightsource, we will explain the role of the graphic operators and how we can support the presenter.
  • Lightsource will track what speakers have visited the room and what actions were taken.
  • Lightsource will ensure the following: presentation edits as necessary; compliance to the event template; ensure that embedded videos automatically start; and provide confirmation of approved final file.
  • Lightsource will instruct speakers about what they can expect in the presentation rooms, such as audio, video, the PC configuration, how to find files, who to call if they experience trouble, etc.

Post-event services:

  • Lightsource will provide all PPT and PDF files for all final presentations. For sessions with embedded videos, we will provide a version of the PPT and PDF without the video embedded in addition to the official version with the video embedded.
  • Lightsource will continue to support on-going requests for file updates for 30 days following the event end.