LCC at HPE Discover Madrid

LCC Team at HPE Discover 2018 Madrid
Hewlett Packard Enterprise gathers partners, sponsors, and thousands of customers for their Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover events. The Lightsource team was fortunate to support the execution of HPE Discover Madrid. Held at the IFEMA, Feria de Madrid convention space in the heart of Spain’s capital, the event was filled with groundbreaking technology, inspiring speakers, and extraordinary entertainment.The Lightsource team managed the Presentation Check-in room, where we reviewed and edited hundreds of presentations before speakers delivered them to their audiences. Thanks to the assistance of our local extension team and support staff, we provided presenters with peace of mind, allowing them to speak with a unified voice on behalf of their companies.

Throughout the three-day conference, we were also able to tour the Transformation Showcase, where HPE and their partners displayed demos and exhibits for their latest technologies. Below you will find some of our favorite highlights. Take a look and see the best of HPE Discover Madrid for yourself.

Accelerating next

Hewlett Packard Enterprise sees a future where data flows even faster and everything is connected.


From the racetrack to the world of business, speed matters.


Solving the challenges of tomorrow – like tackling world hunger or curing Alzheimer’s – takes new thinking and the hardware to enable research breakthroughs.


Humanity will always explore new horizons and possibilities, whether it’s on this planet or another.


Thousands of attendees from over 100 countries had the chance to go hands-on with HPE technology and meet the engineers and developers behind the innovations.


HPE experts delivered their presentations to both small, intimate groups or audiences of hundreds.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning advancements are allowing computers to identify different objects.


The HPE Discover Celebration evening event provided attendees with a stylish and energetic party with a concert by music legends Nile Rodgers & CHIC.

Before long, HPE Discover Madrid came to a close. Our team is grateful to have been a part of making the conference a success, and we’re excited for the HPE events coming soon.