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How many times have you heard the phrase “you learn something new every day”? This was especially true for me when I attended my first Respite Care Perennial Lunch.My name is Katelin and I have been interning at Lightsource Creative Communications for four months, and over these last few months, I have heard the name Respite Care multiple times. I could tell there was something special about them, but I had no idea who they were or what they did. So, when I was invited to their Perennial Lunch I went with the following questions and came out with my own appreciation and love for Respite Care.

Who is Respite Care?

Respite Care is a unique organization that provides short-term, specialized care to children aged six months to 21 years old with developmental disabilities. They also provide respite to parents and enhance the quality of life for the entire family. Respite Care is in fact one of less than 15 organizations in the United States that offers this type of care.

How does Respite Care help families?

At first, you only see the physical assistance Respite Care provides, like being able to leave your child in their care for up to two weeks for vacations and emergency situations. They run much deeper than that though. Respite Care offers a sense of strength, love, and mental stability for these families. At the Perennial Lunch, there was a single mother who told her story about how Respite Care has become family to her and her son. Both the physical and emotional support they receive has been irreplaceable. Respite Care is a home away from home for children with disabilities; it is a place they can go and their families know that they are safe.

What is the Perennial Lunch?

Respite Care Perennial Lunch

The Perennial Lunch is an annual event where people can learn and hear firsthand experiences of how life-changing Respite Care is and the impact they have had on the community. This year there were multiple guest speakers who each had their own unique story about Respite Care. One story that particularly brought tears to my eyes was about a father and daughter and his promise to get her a pony. This little girl is a triplet and after being born premature she was diagnosed with severe brain damage causing her to never be able to walk or function on her own. It was during one of her many surgeries that she was begging her father not to let them hurt her again, and of course, what is a father to do in a situation like that but to promise his daughter a pony? This father hasn’t bought her a pony yet, but Respite Care was able to make her dreams come true for one day. It was during Respite Care’s Summer Day Camp Program that they made it possible for her to ride a horse.

How is Lightsource Creative Communications involved with Respite Care?

This friendship had a unique beginning. It started around 1993 when Lisa Malmquist, Lightsource’s founder, designed the invite for the Respite Care Holiday Ball. After designing the invite, Lisa became the Board President for Respite Care, then shortly after that she started Lightsource Creative. It has now been many years since Lightsource Creative first started doing nonprofit work for Respite Care. Over the years, they have worked on multiple events, like the Perennial Lunch and Holiday Ball, helping to create the theme and event collateral.

The Perennial Lunch was a life-changing experience for me. I saw a part of my community that not enough people know about. Respite Care is a special organization, and I strongly encourage you to check out their website at www.respitecareinc.org  and join one of their Respite Revealed tours!


This post was written by Katelin Brogan, Intern at Lightsource Creative Communications.

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