Why we love living and working in Colorado

Why we love living and working in Colorado

Though we have staff members residing around the world, most of our team lives in Colorado. Colorado is a beautiful place to visit, and the population is expanding as more and more people choose to move here. People love Colorado for many reasons. Here’s why we love living and working in Colorado.

The weather

Although Colorado has its share of both freezing and hot days, overall, the weather is amazing. We enjoy all four seasons. Colorado is conducive to both summer and winter outdoor activities, and the weather is overall mild compared to the extreme heat of the south and the freezing storms of the Midwest. Even during the hottest days, we can usually count on cooler temperatures by evening.
Kremmling, Colorado
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The activities

If you’ve read our blog, you’ll remember our Summer Camp Journal series, where we documented team activities and excursions. On one, we white-water rafted, one example of many activities Colorado offers. No matter the season, there’s always something to do. From skiing and snowboarding during the winter, to hiking, camping, and rafting during the summer, Colorado offers a diverse set of activities, and we love taking full advantage, both individually and as a team.

Road 34 Jump Jam, Fort Collins, Colorado
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The view

Even though our homes are in the cities, a look to the west reminds us of the beautiful state we live in. With the mountains as a backdrop, who wouldn’t want to work in Colorado?

Cameron Pass, Colorado
Photo credit: Diego, Project management

The culture

From the friendly people to the laid-back culture, Colorado has a good atmosphere for passing the time, and there’s always something to do. From festivals to local restaurants to downtown activities, we’re never bored.

Tour De Fat 2018, Fort Collins, Colorado
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Weekend getaway

Colorado makes it easy for those times when we want to get away but don’t have time for a full vacation. During the summer, if you want to escape the city, camping or backpacking make for an easy and quick getaway. Sleeping outside not your style? Plenty of small, quaint mountain towns filled with cabins and cozy hotels give you a taste of the outdoors without sleeping on the ground. If it’s wintertime, why not go on a weekend ski trip? No matter what time of the year, a weekend getaway is a couple hours’ drive away.

Grand Lake, Colorado
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You might know from our LCC Pet Blog that we love to bring our dogs to work. Colorado is a pet-friendly state. Many people take their dogs everywhere they go, and there are lots of things to do with your dog, such as hiking, camping, or visiting a lake.

Moose the dog
Photo credit: Lisa, Co-owner

The food, but mostly the beer

How fortunate our area has great local eateries and even better local beer. Colorado is known for its breweries, and there are plenty to try. Whether you’re a beer connoisseur, or like to try new beers with friends, Colorado has something to offer.

Lightsource Creative touring Odell Brewing Company, Fort Collins, Colorado
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When you work all week indoors, it’s easy to forget to take a break from the city. In Colorado, it doesn’t take much escape to nature. Whether you want to get away from the city lights for a day or weekend, you don’t have to travel far.

Mills Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park
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The active lifestyle

Colorado makes it easy to get busy and stay healthy. Many cities are bike-friendly, and the weather makes people want to get out and walk or run. Many of Colorado’s activities are physically challenging, so everyone is encouraged to test their capabilities.

Laporte, Colorado
Photo credit: Gordon, Co-owner

Getting out of the office

Because of the Colorado weather and the beautiful views, we love to take breaks during the day and go on short walks. This reenergizes us, relieves stress, gives us some sunshine and fresh air, and allows us to return to work with a fresh perspective. Are you ready to relocate your office to Colorado yet? Or maybe you already love where you live. Although we love being in Colorado, we believe every place has something great to offer, so let us know what you treasure about where you live and work.

Rocky Mountain National Park
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