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rafting on rapids

LCC Summer Camp Journal 1: Wild Rafting Ride

LCC Summer Camp Journal 1: Wild Rafting Ride Everyone knew it was the perfect day for rafting, even those who’d never been before. The mid-morning sun beamed in the unblemished sky, quickly warming anyone caught in its rays. As 9:15 rolled around, more rafters showed up and filled the outdoor waiting area near the shady…

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light bulb logo against blue-green background crowdsourcing

Is there a future in crowdsourcing?

Is there a future in crowdsourcing? While the term crowdsourcing was coined by Jeff Howe and Mark Robinson of Wired Magazine in 2005, it is not a new idea. In 1714, the British government offered a prize to whoever came up with the best way to measure a ship’s longitudinal position. This successful program resulted…

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Woman in occulus VR gear

Facing the Future with Virtual Reality Marketing

You may have watched videos of virtual reality (VR) gear or seen headsets in stores, but have you ever thought about how you could use VR in marketing? Although we live during the dawn of VR, related technology and capabilities are evolving every day. Virtual reality is projected to be a multibillion-dollar industry, and it’s…

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film strip with play sign

Top tips for creating marketing videos

Top tips for creating marketing videos   Action! We are sharing our best tips for making videos. Over the years, we have created many videos, and along the way, we have learned a few things. These tips will streamline your production, save you time, and help you deliver high-quality videos. Getting started Pick one main…

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10 tips for working remotely

10 tips for working remotely   Lightsource’s headquarters are in Old Town, Fort Collins. While most of our staff enjoys Colorado living, we have long supported working remotely. For over 10 years, full-time team members have worked in cities ranging from Boston to Rome, Seattle to Philadelphia, and lots of places in between. We are…

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