Website management: Benefiting from a CMS

Website management: Benefiting from a CMS

In the search engine era, online success requires a dynamic website that’s flexible, fast, content rich and user friendly. A Web content management system (CMS) is one tool to help get you there.

These online software systems–most free, some subscription based–enable you to create and update website content quickly and without knowing Web programming or markup languages. Drupal, WordPress and Joomla are some of the most common platforms.

Make the most of your CMS

Participating in a trade show? Announce it on your home page and quickly set up an event-specific landing page for promotions. Doing search engine optimization? Instantly add high-performance keywords to your website headlines and copy; it will also boost your Pay-Per-Click ad quality scores. Launching a new product or service? Seamlessly synchronize your page launch with announcements and blog posts.

Get started easily

If you haven’t used a CMS before, you’ll find the interface elements very familiar: a folder structure, a text editor, profiles for authorized users, etc. There are hundreds of CMS platforms, so it’s important to pick the right CMS for your business and objectives. Choosing a CMS and the initial setup in your organization’s look and feel may require someone savvy in Web tech and graphic design (which we can help you with!). But once you’ve configured the system and built templates, you’re in command: create new pages, delete outdated info, swap images, post announcements, add products, update meta tags—it’s fast and easy. 

A Web CMS can give you the instant control and flexibility to get more from your integrated marketing initiatives. It may be time to consider a CMS for your website. Let us know if we can help you with any questions about the use and benefits of Web content management systems.

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